Under the Influencers

Building a successful spirit brand involves the utilization of a wide variety of resources, not the least of which are professionals out in the field who get your message out to consumers. We rely on these folks to help us navigate current cocktail trends and cool new ways to use ingredients, but we also need them to tell other influential members of the spirits community about us.

Over the past few years, we've come to rely on a small group of cocktail authorities—many of them influential on social media—as our core reference base for all things spirit. We thought we'd share our six favorites, each of which provides a unique kind of content and manages to do it with great panache and production value.

Punch [Insta: @punch_drink]

Gorgeous cocktail photography and great recipes are only part of what these guys do best. With a searchable database of recipes, as well as great reference on bars and restaurants around the world, Punch provides insights into current trends, new and interesting ingredients, movers and shakers in the cocktail world, and copious lists of additional resources to explore if you're cocktail-curious.

A Bar Above [Insta: @abarabove]

Known for its online programs in cocktail and mixology education, A Bar Above is also a great resource for information on the literal tools of the trade. They feature, rate, and describe the best contraptions to use for various techniques—everything from juicers to peelers to muddlers— and they provide key guidelines for considering any bar-related purchases. Sprinkled in with everything else are frequent recipe offerings, all designed to be relatively easy to execute.

The Drinking Coach [Insta: @thedrinkingcoach]

The "coach" in question is actually a woman named Tiffanie Barriere, and we at Downtime Cocktails are big fans (it may have something to do with the fact that Tiffanie has said she's a big fan of Batch 22!). An award-winning bartender, Tiffanie is a highly regarded and influential figure in the cocktail world.  We look to her for insights on upcoming trends and—as an industry insider—we take great note of her opinions on what's "cool" and what's "over."

The Bitter Gringo [Insta: @thebittergringo]

There are tons of folks on social media who regularly post photos of cocktails and cocktail recipes, but only a select few consistently provide super high-quality imagery with consistently creative and cutting-edge recipes. The Bitter Gringo is one of those sources. We love recipe creators who make you think, "Wow, I never thought of that before," and TBG sparks inspiration on a regular basis.

Join Jules [Insta: @join_jules]

She just appears to be an energetic woman who likes making cocktails in her home kitchen, but don't let the casual and friendly exterior fool you: Jules knows her shit. Her recipes are interesting, well thought out, and (for the most part) easy to re-create. To top it all off, the how-to videos she shoots are always super beautiful (and so well lit!).

The Educated Barfly [Insta: @theeducatedbarfly]

We've been following this guy for years now, ever since we met him at a Hollywood party and decided to work together on some social media promotions. He loved Batch 22 and we loved him. On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, he's posted a huge wealth of recipe information to his more than 200K followers—mostly videos where he provides the perfect balance of background information and history, along with key technique tips and a fun-loving, breezy attitude that always reminds you that cocktails are primarily made for enjoying life.

Next time you’re surfing your social, make sure to follow some or all of these accounts. We think you'll be glad you did.