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Judges & Mixologists Love Batch 22

2022 New Orleans Spirits Competition: Specialty Spirit of the Year

One of the most prestigious competitions in America, this event draws high-powered beverage professionals from all over the world. Presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation.

Concours d'Spirits: Gold

Concours d'Spirits is a highly respected competition judged by some of the world's most prominent spirits experts. Presented by the SOMM Journal, winners are featured in an issue of the publication and are celebrated in the Winner's Circle at the San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival.

Platinum Medal: Best Aquavit 2022 L.A. Spirits Awards

L.A. Spirits Awards judges entries in more than 100 categories. Medalists must advance through multiple rounds of judging to emerge as winners.

Gold Medal Specialty Spirit: Beverage Testing Institute 2022

The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) was founded in 1981 as the first international wine competition in the United States. In 1994, spirits and other beverage categories were added and, since that time, BTI has become an international leader, recognized as one of the world's leading resources for beverage evaluation, rating, and review.

2022 Bartender Spirits Awards: Gold

This competition recognizes that bartenders are the true influencers. The official statement from the BSA reads, "their passions and tastes provide direction for the consumer, especially via their guidance with wine, beer or spirit recommendations." The creation of new drinks is often driven by bartender tastes and perceptions of current trends.

Sip Awards: Innovation Award 2023

The Innovation Award applauds spirits with an interesting and unique taste profile or design. Consumer judges deem these spirits as innovative and groundbreaking by highlighting them with this exclusive recognition.

2022 San Diego Spirits Festival: Silver

Held on the campus of La Jolla's beautiful Museum of Contemporary Art, this annual festival and judging competition brings together industry leaders and local producers in a celebration of all that's innovative and exciting in the world of spirits.

This aquavit challenges the status quo of what an aquavit can be and that is exciting. The quality of liquid in this bottle is stunning.

Tiffanie Barriere, renowned spirits judge and cocktail educator (from her IG story @thedrinkingcoach)

It was a pleasure to taste your products. They are all very dynamic, approachable, and easy to use; a great asset behind any craft bar.

Edison Food+Drink Lab

Batch 22 is smooth and multilayered, with a perfect mix of flavors for creating all sorts of cool new cocktails.

Buenos Aires Cafe

We had such great fun creating cocktails with all four expressions of Batch 22. My entire staff fell in love with it!


The flavor of Batch 22 is evocative but hard to put your finger on. On the one hand, it tastes Old World, like something a Romanoff in exile might drink from a tiny, cut crystal cordial glass after dinner. On the other, it’s the mystery savory ingredient in a modern cocktail. Both ways, it’s pretty smashing.

John Kessler, James Beard Award-Winning Food Critic, Chicago

One of the most exciting developments in the culinary flavor game. Aside from the obvious impact on mixology, its potential in culinary applications is uncharted. I look eagerly forward to creating with Batch 22 and having a glass after shift.

John Foster, Chef/Owner & Culinary Chair, Sullivan University