Tasted and tested

We Took Batch to 14 Cities & 18 Bars

About 40 years ago, Matthew and Bruce planned to drive across the country together after graduating from college, but it never happened. In June of 2021, that dream was finally realized. It was then that the two best friends set out on a road trip across the USA that took them from Katonah, New York, to San Diego, California. Their car was packed with clothes, supplies, and a trunk full of nearly 100 Batch 22 aquavit bottles. Their Hyundai Elantra was essentially a giant, rolling, Molotov cocktail that could reach speeds of more than 75 miles an hour.

Along the way, Bruce and Matthew took Batch 22 aquavit to 14 different cities and visited more than 18 bars. The reaction from mixologists, general managers, and owners was consistent and wonderfully gratifying. Nearly everyone said Batch 22 was a great product. Some bartenders were so inspired they created new craft cocktails right there on the spot.

See which bars Bruce and Matthew visited along the way and find testimonials and recipes for new craft cocktails from some of our newest fans.