Batch 22 Hits the Road

Dear Batch Fans, Matthew and Bruce became best friends while they were undergrads at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. When Matthew graduated in 1982, they planned to take a celebratory cross-country trip but, for various reasons, the trip never happened. For the next 40 years, they swore that someday they would make their buddy adventure a reality.

In 2001, after the first wave of the pandemic was over and vaccines were available, Bruce and Matthew saw a great opportunity to make their dream trip finally happen. Matthew had been staying in Katonah, New York and now needed to get his car back to Los Angeles. So, in June, Bruce flew out from San Diego and they hit the road together with a trunk full of Batch 22 and a cross-country itinerary that encompassed 5,500 miles, 16 cities, and a single-minded mission to spread the gospel to mixologists at craft cocktail bars everywhere they visited.

After seeing family and friends in New Jersey and Maryland,their first formal stop was Lexington, KY, where Bruce was reunited with a classmate from his days at the French Culinary Institute. Chef John Foster is Director of the Culinary Arts Program at Sullivan University and the owner of Lexington's acclaimed restaurant,
The Sage Rabbit.

Normally, the restaurant is closed on a Monday night, but Chef John opened up for his old friend, and the two chefs spent some time improvising in the kitchen, where they created a delicious pasta dish that features the unique flavors of Batch22.

In a few months, Batch 22 will be available through our web store and in bars and liquor stores in Southern California (No Cal, TX, FL, NY, and IL will follow). Soon, you'll be able to try this special pasta recipe yourself, along with our many delicious Batch22 cocktails!


Matthew, Bruce, and Marc

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