Batch 22 and the Fire Pit Boys

Dear Batch Fans, 

The lockdown of '20 pushed many of us to find new ways to fill our time and be creative. While the three of us were in lockdown (Bruce in San Diego, Marc in Newport Beach, Matthew back east in Katonah, NY), we decided to bring the dream of Batch 22 to life. This was the inspiration for our corporate name: Downtime Cocktails.

Another thing that has helped so many of us during these trying times is the creation of new rituals. Back east, Matthew was welcomed into a group of men who gathered once a week around a fire pit, whether it be a starlit summer evening or a snowy winter night, to share tall tales, wisdom, and jokes along with a pint or a flask. The friendships fostered there will last a lifetime, and these fellas were among the first to sample our elixir and offer their support.

Cheers to them, and to you.

Bruce, Marc, and Matthew.

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