The World's Longest Bar

The longest bar in the world can be found at a sprawling cocktail establishment called Humble Baron, located within Tennessee’s Nearest Green Distillery. And it turns out that the world's longest bar also has a long and interesting history behind it.

The record-setting bar is by far the most popular feature at the Nearest Green Distillery, which is also world renowned for producing Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. Uncle Nearest is famous because it's named for Nearest Green, the first African-American distiller on record, who is also credited with teaching Tennessee whiskey icon Jack Daniel how to make whiskey.

The Uncle Nearest brand, founded in 2017, has exploded in recent years—it's credited with being the fastest-growing whiskey in U.S. history—and has won more than 450 awards and accolades since its launch.

The longest bar in the world also boasts a long list of impressive stats. The total length, 518 feet, is evidently something of a challenge for the folks who work it. According to the bartending staff, the winding and curvy design makes it a unique challenge to tend to all of Humble Baron's patrons; the bar sits within a 20,000-square foot room and features 17 distinct stations. When the bar is full, it can house 202 customers on its built-in bar stools.

Nearest Green is a black-owned company that is dedicated to promoting other black-owned enterprises, especially those in the spirits space. The extensive cocktail menu at the bar showcases Uncle Nearest, but also highlights selections from other minority-owned American suppliers.