On the Shelves at Total Wine!

Pop a cork!

It's taken months, but it's finally done: Batch 22 is on the shelves at Total Wine

Last week we received initial orders from all 32 stores in California (we don't yet have retail distribution in other states) and Batch 22 is being stocked right now at all locations. ​

Currently, Total Wine has 4 locations in San Diego County, plus 1 in Temecula. There are more than 6 locations in the greater Los Angeles area, 9 in the Bay Area, and a dozen more from Tustin to Folsom to Sacramento. Nationwide, there are more than 240 stores in 27 states. 

Getting on the shelves was the hard part, but our work is not over. Now that we're officially available, we'll be spending many hours visiting each location for staff trainings and customer tastings. In fact, a road trip from San Diego to the Bay Area is currently in the planning stages. We'll keep you updated on the details as soon as they are firmed up, and we'll be sure to document our travels as we go. 

If you have a Total Wine near you, please pay them a visit and ask the staff where you can find a bottle of Batch 22. And, if you're so inclined, be sure to mention it to all your friends so they can do the same!

You can get all the store information you need at totalwine.com.

The image of 750ml bottle has not yet been uploaded by the corporate office—that's in the works. 

Gaining this level of statewide availability and exposure is a huge thing for us and we're so happy to have all of you to tell about it.