More Great Honors for Batch 22

We are happy to announce (flaunt?) two more very nice awards we recently received for Batch 22. These two are especially gratifying because they come from a collection of judges we haven't previously heard from: One competition was judged by spirits consumers in a completely blind tasting and the other competition was judged by pro bartenders from successful and influential bars around the country.

Innovation Award from SIP Awards

Last week, we learned that Batch 22 won a prestigious Innovation Award in the 2023 World Spirits Competition, which is organized by SIP. The SIP Awards are the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition. A unique event that highlights the opinions and palates of the discerning public, the SIP Awards present a judging venue that is unaffected by industry bias and where top brands go head-to-head with small and medium-sized brands in a completely blind tasting. 

The competition organizers explain that, "the Innovation Award applauds spirits with an interesting and unique taste profile or design. Consumer judges deem these spirits as innovative and groundbreaking by highlighting them with this exclusive recognition."

According to the organization, the SIP Awards were created with a simple question in mind, “What about the consumer’s opinion?" The goal was to fill this void, bringing the people who regularly consume spirits together to decide which brands deserve this prestigious award. "We set out to create a fair competition by strategically choosing consumers from all demographics, conceiving an event that cuts to the core of public opinion as a starting point, rather than an afterthought, in branding and product development."

This year, there were a total of 304 consumer judges evaluating a wide variety of spirits categories from a record-setting 1,382 entrants.

Gold Medal from Bartender Spirits Awards

Last week also brought news of a Gold Medal win for Batch 22 at the 4th Annual 2022 Bartender Spirits Awards, which took place in San Francisco in May.

According to the BSA, "the Bartender Spirits Awards looks to identify spirits that should become additions to bar inventories. The aim of the spirits competition is to provide independent and honest reviews for brands looking to enter the U.S. on-premise industry." 

The Beverage Trade Network, a leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global beverage industry, is the organizer of the competition, which aims to help beverage professionals connect with peers and understand the global business landscape. The BTN also hosts nearly 20 other major competitions around the world.

"This competition recognizes that bartenders are the true influencers," the official statement from the BSA reads, "Their passions and tastes provide direction for the consumer, especially via their guidance with wine, beer or spirit recommendations. The creation of new drinks is often driven by bartender tastes and perceptions of current trends."

Medal recognition from the BSA is a highly sought after accolade; it's the ultimate seal of approval in the global spirits on-premise industry. Spirits were judged in five major categories: Mixability, Balance and Versatility, Taste, Mouthfeel and Finish, Package & Price. Batch 22's overall score was 93 points out of 100, which included a 98-point score for Taste, Mouthfeel and Finish, and a score of 97 for Balance and Versatility. Only five aquavits won medals, and Batch 22 had the highest score in that group. The high score also qualifies Batch 22 to be listed in BTN's "Top 100 Spirits Guide."