Fatherly: Batch 22 Aquavit Is A Celebratory Spirit To Seek Out

On November 8th, 2022, Fatherly highlighted Batch 22. From the article: "the holidays may be approaching, but a celebration at any time of year is a motive to imbibe with a traditional drink. In Scandinavia, the cultural spirit is aquavit, and it’s not just for the big Christmas or Easter holidays, but Midsummer, the commemoration of the summer solstice (and for the religious, St. John the Baptist), and more. You really don’t need a reason to enjoy aquavit, as long as you have the taste for it. In the case of Batch 22, an “American aquavit,” you can have the taste for the original Nordic concoction, tweak it for your palate, and bottle it for the masses to enjoy."

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