Using mushrooms in edgy craft cocktails has become a very popular trend recently. We were intrigued by the idea of combining Batch 22’s herbal and floral qualities with the earthy qualities of various mushrooms, especially bold ones like shiitake, morel, and porcini. The best results came with the use of Batch and/or simple syrup that had been infused with mushroom. Here are basic recipes for mushroom infusions and a simple syrup, which you can use to make our mushroom-centric riff on a margarita.


  • Shiitake Batch
    • 300ml Batch 22
    • 22g Dried shiitakes
    • Heat to below a simmer
    • Let stand to cool.
    • Refrigerate 36-48 hours and strain.
  • Porcini Batch
    • 300ml Batch
    • 17g Dried porcini
  • Morel Batch
    • 300ml Batch
    • 10g Dried morels
  • Mushroom Simple Syrup
    • 50g shiitake mushrooms
    • 10 oz. Agave
    • 100 ml. Water
  • ShroomaRita
  • Mix in a mixing glass with ice:
    • 1.5 oz. Porcini infused Batch 22
    • .5 oz. Tequila blanco
    • 1 oz. Lemon
    • .5 oz. Shiitake simple
  • Stir to chill and strain into rocks glass with one large cube (preferably a round one for Earth Day!). Garnish with lemon wheel.